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A sports holiday is the best holiday

There are things to choose from golf to open water swimming, from gym to paddling.

melojat kesäisellä järvellä vuokatissa

A sports holiday is the best holiday

Vuokatti offers you everything for a sporty holiday. All the places for sports are close to each other, and nature destinations as well as waterways are easy to access. You can choose from golf to open water swimming, from gym to paddling.

Sports for everyone

Vuokatti Sport is the natural choice for a sporty holiday maker. Our personnel will tell you about the best routes for joggers and cyclists. We have a lot of choices for doing the things you like safely, for example a Frisbee golf course, tennis courts and a recently renewed gym.

Now is a good time to golf

Enjoy the beautiful view to the forested hills and finalize your put in the midnight sun of Vuokatti. Katinkulta Golf offers challenges both to experts and beginners. Try for example Nuas Championship Course, an 18-hole classic where opening tees take place right in front of Katinkulta Golf club.

Alternatives for swimmers

Vuokatti is known for its beautiful waterways, in which it is nice to take a swim. Open water swimmers appreciate the clear-watered and deep Kuikkalampi that is usually cool all summer. In Pisterinniemi there are also natural beaches that are a bit more difficult to access. If you like to spend longer times in the water, remember to take a wetsuit with you.

Enjoy the waterways

Vuokatti Safaris takes you to your hobbies on the waterways. There are for example paddling and fishing trips. And if you want something more cosy after many days of action, Safaris offers relaxing cruises to Tenetinjoki between Sotkamo and Vuokatti.