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Cycling in Vuokatti

The beautiful scenery of Vuokatti provides diverse cycling trails for both beginners and experienced cyclists.

Experience the beautiful Vuokatti by bicycle!

Cycling in the nature of Vuokatti is possible all year round, but the most diverse opportunities are available when the ground is not frozen. The diverse trails offer great excursion destinations for both families and adventurers. You do not necessarily need your own bicycle as Vuokatti’s extensive rental selection caters for all needs.

Experience the surprising diversity of Vuokatti’s cycling trails! Cyclists looking for a challenge can head for trails with plenty of altitude differences, which require the cyclist to be skilled and in good shape. The area also has trails suited to tour biking as well as easy mountain biking trails for first-timers and those who enjoy relaxed cycling. The trails have rest areas and campfire sites where cyclists can take a break and enjoy snacks.

In Vuokatti and Sotkamo, there are easy cycling trails for those who love admiring the scenery and culture. The trails, which mainly run on paved roads, are suitable for relaxed cycling and observing the surroundings. The trails are family-friendly and can also be travelled by foot.

Vuokatti’s mountain biking trails are being mapped, and the trail selection is constantly being developed to meet the growing demand.

Bicycle rental in Vuokatti

If you feel like exploring the trails but you don’t have a bicycle, Vuokatti Ski Service has got you covered. With their expert help, you can find the right kind of bicycle for both roads and trails, with or without electricity. Mountain bicycles and fat bikes for children of all ages are also available. Rent the equipment you need in the Vuokatti Arena store, at Holiday Club Katinkulta’s office (June–August) or online in advance. Renting in advance is recommended during the peak season.

How does a cycling trip to the centre of Sotkamo for some ice cream sound? The pedestrian and bicycle path from Vuokatti to Sotkamo is easy and fast to travel by bicycle. The distance in one direction is about 8 km. Travelling between places by bicycle is also easy in Vuokatti. In addition to Vuokatti Ski Service, bicycles can be rented from some hotels in the Vuokatti area. For example, Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti rents Jopo bicycles for EUR 5/4 h, and Holiday Club Katikulta’s weekly share includes two “grandma bicycles”. You can also rent city bikes from Hotel Aateli Lakeside. For more information, please contact the accommodation establishment well in advance as the available equipment is limited.

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Bicycle trails in the beautiful scenery of Vuokatti

Mountain biking

On Vuokatti’s mountain biking trails, you can enjoy the beautiful hill scenery and relax in the lap of nature. The trails’ height differences provide just enough challenge, and there are rest areas along the way.

Tour biking

Vuokatti’s tour biking trails mainly run on asphalted pedestrian and bicycle paths and are suited to the whole family. On the trip, you get to admire both the local countryside and the hustle and bustle of the village centre.