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A winter holiday in Vuokatti

Come enjoy your winter holiday in the middle of clean snow and a wide variety of activities.

kaksi ihmistä laskettelurinteessä. tykkylumi, vuokatti, harrasteet.

A skiing trip in a snowy forest, a warm sauna and a dinner in good company. Is this your winter holiday? Vuokatti offers you all this and a lot more! In Vuokatti, everyone can find things to do. Our enchanting nature invites you outdoors, and a wide variety of activities makes sure that you have plenty to do both indoors and outdoors.

There are many ways to enjoy clean snow and beautiful landscapes in Vuokatti. You can enjoy the thrill of speed on the best routes on a snowmobile or by taking a ride with a team of huskies. We are known for our excellent skiing tracks and slalom slopes, and Vuokatti truly is a skier´s paradise. We have about 150 kilometers of skiing tracks for skiers of different levels, and of these tracks 32 kilometers are illuminated. The tracks are maintained on a daily basis.

Vuokatti slopes has a selection of slopes, from easy children’s slopes to more challenging ones. Between descents you can catch your breath for example by having a hot cocoa at café Vaaran tupa. This old log cabin is located on top of the hill, hidden by frosty trees. The café has an immediate atmosphere that cannot be described – you need to feel it.

If you need a break from skiing, you can put on some traditional snowshoes or more challenging sliding snowshoes. With snowshoes it is easy to walk for example on the Eino Leino and Sapporo trails that run on top of Vuokatinvaara. You can also observe our enchanting nature riding a bicycle. In Vuokatti, there are trails and routes as well as rental equipment for all levels.

After an active day outdoors, there are still many indoor activities for the evening. Challenge your family to a contest at the bowling alley, try to find a way out of our challenging escape rooms, have fun with the children performing different kinds of tricks in our experience parks or have yourself indulged in a spa. After all this, the restaurants in Vuokatti will serve you their best delicacies, and you can sit at a ready-laid table – you have earned it.

Things to do and explore


High quality program services in Vuokatti

One of the most versatile safari companies in Finland offers a wide variety of experiences, activities and things to do all year round.

Rejoice, relax, wonder, energize, be activated, enjoy, be surprised, charge your batteries, have fun – there is something to do for everyone! The stage for our adventures is the beautiful nature of Vuokatti, all year round.

Take a look at our selection and book your own adventure!


Special store for skiers and cyclists

Vuokatti Ski Service is located at Vuokatti Arena and serves customers in a professional fashion in all things related to skiing and cycling. Rent, buy or have your equipment serviced into top condition by professionals.

Whether you are planning a skiing trip, a wintery cycling trip or something in between, alone or with a friend or family, you can turn to us.

Come and familiarize yourself with the world of skiing and cycling!


More than a bowling alley

What would be a better way to spend time than to bowl and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with the whole family? At Vuokatti Bowling you can do precisely this!

Vuokatti Bowling is a cosy bowling alley located close to Holiday Club Katinkulta. Vuokatti Bowling has 16 lanes, a billiards room and a shooting simulator, so there is plenty to do.

Glow bowling starts daily at 15.00.


The perfect setting for an active holiday

At Vuokatti Sport Resort, doing things as a family, joy and fun invite you to try new hobbies. Nature, skiing tracks and hobbies await you right outside the door. In between activities you can have a delicious lunch at the best buffet in Vuokatti. After an active day you can take bath in a lakeside sauna.


Enjoy downhill skiing!

The downhill skiing season in Vuokatti begins in late November/early December and continues to the latter half of April. The selection of slopes in Vuokatti is wide, and it is easy to move between the slopes. The slopes vary from easy children’s areas to more challenging slopes, whether you are on skis or on a snowboard.

In our many restaurants and cafes you can take a break from skiing. Enjoy a hot cocoa and delicious doughnuts, have a quick hamburger or eat yourself full with a tasty lunch of homemade food.


A multipurpose hall in the heart of Vuokatti

Completed in 2020, the new Vuokatti Arena with its two ice rinks lifts the training conditions of ice sports in Vuokatti to a new level. Vuokatti Arena is located in the immediate vicinity of Vuokatti Sport accommodation and dining facilities as well as other training places.

Arena also offers you the chance to swim, play padel, go to a gym or attend group exercise lessons.