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Hiking in Vuokatti

Hike, trek or explore – Vuokatti has suitable trails for everyone

Charge your batteries in Vuokatti’s nature

The landscape of Sotkamo and Vuokatti is dominated by Vuokatti’s chain of 13 hills. The view opening from the top of Vuokatti Hills is breathtaking with the area’s blue lakes and green forests. The view is often quoted as one of the national landscapes of Finland. The hills invite travellers to enjoy the clean nature and silence.

The national parks in the vicinity of Vuokatti are great hiking destinations. The unique wilderness of Kainuu is highlighted in Hiidenportti National Park, which has marked duckboard trails that total over 30 kilometres. The heart of Hiidenportti is a steep gorge, which is one of Finland’s most significant natural attractions. The Palolampi information point has a campfire site for hikers. Hiidenportti is located 50 kilometres from Vuokatti and is also suitable for less experienced hikers.

Take a break and relieve stress at Tiilikkajärvi National Park’s sandy beaches and ridges. There are about 20 kilometres of marked nature trails in the national park, and there is a campfire site for hikers in the yard of Uitonkämppä. Tiilikkajärvi is located about 75 kilometres away from Vuokatti. Both national parks are excellent daytime hiking destinations.

pitkospuut metsäpolku vuokatti.
Litter-free hiking

Please make sure to take with you everything you brought. Clean nature and beautiful hiking trails are priceless. However, in order to enjoy and foster pristine nature, we must carry our responsibility. The principle of litter-free hiking is one of the mainstays of keeping nature clean. Keep in mind the following to not leave a trace in nature:

– Pack your snacks in reusable boxes and bags. Take everything with you when you leave.
– Always clean up after yourself and others, if necessary. Keep a small plastic bag with you for litter that you find in nature.

Hiking snacks from K-Supermarket Vuokatti

K-Supermarket is the best-serving grocery store in Vuokatti, and its long opening hours and great location are perfect for people in the Vuokatti area. The selection is comprehensive, and it also takes into account active and sporty customers: the wide selection of sports nutrition products has received lots of positive feedback. The store also has a café and a salad bar.

K-supermarket Vuokatti ulkoapäin kesällä

Whether you are looking for a challenging run with tough climbs or quality time in nature with the whole family, Vuokatti offers diverse hiking and nature trails for everyone. Vuokatti Hills’ trails and campfire sites are great hiking destinations for all nature enthusiasts. The Lepikon Lenkki nature trail, which runs on Naapurinvaara, is particularly suitable for families as a daytime destination. The area also has a short trail for children called Lasten Lenkki, which is 0.8 kilometres long.

Every year in September, Finland’s oldest hiking event Vuokatin Vaellus is held on the UKK trail on the Vuokatti hill line. Vuokatin Vaellus has expanded its event selection over the years, and the latest additions include bicycle, yoga, dog and family hiking. You can also test the trails on your own.

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Hiidenportin kansallipuiston maisemaa

Vuokatti’s hiking trails and rest areas

Hiking and trekking

The Vuokatti Hills and the national parks nearby have several diverse, marked hiking trails where you can enjoy the green nature and admire the scenery. Along the marked trails, there are rest areas where you can stop for a snack.

Nature trails and Nordic walking

Vuokatti has family-friendly nature trails as well as Nordic walking trails.

Rest areas

A snack break is the best part of hiking! There are several campfire sites and rest areas along Vuokatti’s hiking trails.