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Winter cycling

A landscape adventure on two wheels starts in Vuokatti

In Finland we have this crazy thing called winter cycling. The beautiful landscapes of Vuokatti and the specially designed winter cycling trails are a fun pastime for both first-timers and seasoned cyclists.

On the back of a mountain bicycle or a fat bike, you can enjoy the speed while still having time to admire the scenery. In Vuokatti, snowy slopes and hills as well as ice and lake landscapes await cyclists. Hop on a bicycle and let the adventure begin! Because arriving at the trails is easy — and because Vuokatti’s services are just a stone’s throw away — winter cycling provides a fun adventure even for the youngest in the family.

Checklist for winter cyclists

Starting winter cycling is no more difficult than cycling in summer; just hop on a bicycle and put a helmet on! We have a wide range of different bicycles available, which is why it is important to select the right bicycle for the trail. Whether you select a mountain bicycle, a fatbike or an electric bicycle, you should always protect your head with a helmet.

Be sure to dress properly for the cold weather. Wearing several layers of clothing is important, but you should especially focus on keeping your limbs warm. Fingers and toes are the most sensitive to frostbite, so you should invest in proper socks and gloves. Despite the cold, winter cycling is a great pastime. Even the most bitter cold is only a matter of clothing!

Bicycle trails in the beautiful scenery of Vuokatti

Katinkulta winter cycling trail

Vuokatti has winter cycling trails suitable for everyone. Especially suitable for beginners, the Katinkulta winter cycling trail is mostly flat except for a few bumps, and it runs in the vicinity of Katinkulta golf course. At the halfway point of the 11-kilometre-long trail, you will find the Kaarreniemi lean-to, which is a perfect place for a short break.

Leivolankylä winter cycling trail

The 7.4-kilometre-long winter cycling trail in Leivolankylä is perfect for those yearning for speed. The trail’s hills also provide enough challenge for more experienced cyclists. In the beautiful scenery of Rauramonlampi, the wilderness is at its best, and the landforms of the area provide a view that is pleasing to the eye.

Hiukka-Pöllyvaara winter cycling trail

The Hiukka-Pöllyvaara winter cycling trail, which runs conveniently from the centre of Sotkamo to Vuokatti, takes you from an ice track to a mountainous forest section. The forest section ends at the top of Pöllyvaara with a gorgeous view of the lakes. The trail provides a challenge even for more experienced cyclists, but the end of the 13.5-kilometre-long route is worth the trouble.

Equipment rental on the spot

Mountain bicycle and fat bike rental in Vuokatti

Vuokatti Ski Service’s selection includes bicycles suitable for the trails and moving around the area. The extensive size selection of mountain bicycles and fat bikes ensures that children can also take part in the fun. Electric bicycles make cycling faster and easier, and helmets are included in the package. Rent your bicycle on site at the Vuokatti Ski Service store (Opistontie 1) or online.