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Arrival to Vuokatti

More time for holiday.

Vuokatti, Finland’s most versatile and active year-round centre, is located in the middle of Finland. Whether you plan your trip by plane, car, train or bus, it’s always easy to come to us. Vuokatti gives you more time for a holiday.

Arrival to Vuokatti

By plane

Finnair flies from Helsinki to Kajaani, 40 km from Vuokatti. The flight time from Helsinki is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Other nearby airports include Oulu and Kuopio.

Timetables and connections

Transportation to Vuokatti:
– Order a taxi +358 600 398 100
– Ask for help ordering transport from your accommodation.

Public transportations in Vuokatti area

Car rental

By car

Vuo­kat­ti is ea­sy to reach by car. You can get the­re in one stop or one char­ging pau­se.


KuopioVuokatti186 km
OuluVuokatti189 km
JyväskyläVuokatti332 km
VaasaVuokatti399 km
TampereVuokatti480 km
HelsinkiVuokatti575 km

Coming with electric vehicle?

By train

The nea­rest rail­way sta­tion is in Ka­jaa­ni, 40 km from Vuo­kat­ti, whe­re se­ve­ral trains ar­ri­ve dai­ly. The­re are se­ve­ral bus con­nec­tions bet­ween Ka­jaa­ni and Vuo­kat­ti.


Timetables and tickets

Public transportations in Vuokatti area

Car rental

By Bus

By bus to Vuokatti. You can find the routes and journeys below.