Experience wintery Vuokatti

Five tips to winter hobbies

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Five ways to experience wintery Vuokatti with its forested hills!

The magical landscape with its forested hills in Vuokatti is charming from season to season. In winter time you can enjoy trees with their snow crowns, sliding skiing tracks and slopes as well as a wide range of well-maintained skiing routes. Use these tips and head to the winter wonderland of Vuokatti. 

See the forested hills on snowshoes

On the forested hills of Vuokatti, in the snow crowned forests or on open lakes you can walk on snowshoes either in relaxed way or exercising vigorously. According to your own shape you can choose a short walk of a couple of kilometres on ready-made trails or an unforgettable adventure in unbroken snow. We also offer guided all-day snowshoe safaris. At nightfall you can also participate in a hunt for Northern lights.

Enjoy Olympic level skiing tracks

In Vuokatti you can ski on the best skiing tracks in Finland, as the tracks are maintained on a daily basis according to the standards of Vuokatti Sport Olympic Center. The tracks are made with several machines every morning between 6 and 11 o’clock, always in the same order. This means that you can rely on the tracks being in the best possible condition for your morning exercise. For safety, in downhills the tracks are made wider.

The total length of the track network is 150 kilometres, of which 120 kilometres are maintained for both skiing styles every winter. There are 32 kilometres of illuminated tracks in Vuokatti. These versatile tracks start conveniently from the parking lot of Vuokattihalli. Read more here.

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Enjoy the slopes

Vuokatti offers a wide variety of skiing slopes, and it is easy to move between the different slopes. You can choose from easy children’s slopes to more challenging ones for adults, whether you are on skis or on snowboard.

Vuokatti Skiing School offers a variety of lessons for the whole family. For the children, lessons with Werneri Bunny are a fun and playful way to learn slalom and snowboarding. Junnu Startti lessons are a relaxed way to learn the basics, both on skis and on snowboard. Lessons for adults offer you the opportunity to try a new sport or to improve your own downhill skiing technique.

Husky safaris in winter wonderland

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the peace and quiet of nature. Enthusiastic huskies pulling the sled truly enjoy running on snow. Spend a perfect winter’s day with a team of huskies, and enjoy the changing sceneries of Vuokatti. 

Experience the snow and the ridges on a bicycle

In the fantastic landscapes and on the versatile cycling routes of Vuokatti both beginners and more experienced winter cyclers feel at home. In Vuokatti you can enjoy riding a bicycle on shining snow, on ridges and in gorgeous icy lake landscapes. The routes are located close to the services in Vuokatti, so they are easy to access from your accommodation or the bicycle rental shop.

The winter cycling route in Leivolankylä is designed for active riding. On the other hand, those who ride more slowly can spot e.g. deer around the beautiful Rauramonlampi pond. The wintery landscapes vary from Piimä Heikki’s sandy heaths with pines to the open snowy sides of a gravel pit and the natural peace and quiet of a pond in the wilderness.

The route from Vuokatti Arena via Vuokatinhovi to Leivolankylä is specially made for winter cycling, but you can also walk the route.

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Bonus tip!

You can fly from the metropolitan area to your holiday destination in a bit over an hour. Finnair flies from Helsinki to Kajaani six days a week.