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Adventurous Autumn in Vuokatti

A landscape tinged with Autumn colours allures visitors

syysloma vuokatissa aurinko nousee vuokatinvaaralta

Spend a colourful autumn holiday in Vuokatti. With the arrival of autumn, the colours of nature are completely transformed and the gentle energy of the forest will recharge your batteries in no time. “Listen – and you’ll hear the silence”.

Soar on skis in the Autumn colours

The ski season in Vuokatti is exceptionally long, as it starts already in mid-October. Our ski season starts on 14 October at 8 am – whatever the weather. Vuokatti Sport’s first snow track offers 1.5 kilometres’ worth of cross-country skiing, which is gradually extended to a total length of 9–10 km.

In addition to skiing, you can enjoy the autumn tint on foot or by bike. The various hiking and biking trails in Vuokatti will lead you to forests, beaches and hills – they offer stunning scenery and just the right amount of challenge for enthusiasts of all abilities. If you didn’t happen to bring your own bike, you can rent a variety of different bikes with or without electricity from Vuokatti Ski Service. And in September, as the evenings darken, the northern lights begin their colourful dance.

Northern Lights in Vuokatti Harbour in Autumn
syysloma vuokatissa nainen kävelemässä portaita pitkin alas jyrkässä hiidenportin rotkomaisemassa

Did you know that there are two national parks in the Vuokatti tourist area? Hiidenportti National Park, located about 50 kilometres from Vuokatti, is an excellent day trip destination with almost 30 kilometres of marked and duck board trails. At the heart of the national park is a rugged gorge, one of the most remarkable natural attractions in the whole county. The most popular starting point for hikes is the Palolampi guidance point, where you can find a cooking shelter, a fireplace and a guesthouse that can be rented for daytime use.

The Tiilikkajärvi National Park was established to preserve the wild rivers, ridges and aapa mires surrounding the Tiilikka lake. The park has around 27 kilometres of marked trails, most of which run near the lake. The landscape is dominated by low, narrow and pine-clad ridges, and a good two-thirds of the park’s area is marshland. The Tiilikkajärvi lake is an excellent destination in the autumn, as you can pick berries and mushrooms in the area. Tiilikkajärvi is about 80 kilometres from Vuokatti, making it a great day trip destination.

The highlight of the autumn for nature lovers is the Vuokatin Vaellus hiking event. It takes place on Saturday, 16th of September, in the Vuokatti hill line. Finland’s oldest hiking event brings together hiking and yoga enthusiasts, as a yoga hike is also organised in addition to a traditional hike. This year, the trails end at the top of the Vuokatinvaara hill, where hikers can find live music and enjoy delicious refreshments in the Vaaran Tupa café. The experience is topped by a scenic lift ride back to the event centre. We haven’t forgotten the little ones either, as a family hike is organised on Sunday, 17th of September.

A view from Vuokatti Hills in September, the Autumn colors in the trees and the sky being almost purple
syysloma vuokatissa

As the autumn weather is difficult to predict, Vuokatti offers a wide range indoor activities as well. Water-lovers of all ages can enjoy the Katinkulta Spa, while the Vuokatti Arena provides indoor facilities for a variety of sports. At Go Vuokatti, you can spend a day full of activities and try the laser tag game Megazone, for example. You can also explore the world’s largest SuperPark where time flies by or get a feel for the upcoming hunting season at Vuokatti Bowling‘s unique shooting simulator, where you can practice shooting with your own rifle as well.

Dark Autumn evenings invite you to enjoy good food and drinks. You can enjoy local flavours at Restaurant Kippo in the heart of Vuokatti or at Restaurant Ainoa in the magnificent Vuokatinvaara slopes. Vuokatti has restaurants to suit all tastes, check out the selection and try them all.

syysloma vuokatissa Nettle soup on a dark plate

Find your favourite accommodation option from Vuokatti’s diverse selection from the link below.

Things to do and see


A stylish choice in the middle of activities

Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti is surrounded by a wide range of services. Hiking and biking trails start right by the hotel and under its roof you can find two restaurants serving a variety of flavours. A new beauty salon opened on the top floor in the summer of 2023.

The price of accommodation always includes breakfast, guest saunas and access to the hotel gym. Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti is a bike friendly hotel and provides a lockable bicycle storage and a bike wash station for cyclists.


The active holidays

Train, exercise, adventure and relax in the footsteps of top sportspeople, surrounded by stunning nature. Vuokatti Sport Resort is a unique holiday destination for you, for whom a holiday is more than just lounging around.

Vuokatti Sport Resort takes sports travel to a new level. That means a more memorable, motivational and productive way of training, as well as a more active holiday in a higher-quality environment.


Cottage holiday in Vuokatti

A rental cottage is a great choice for an Autumn holiday, and Lomarengas offers plenty of options. With more than 200 cottages, villas and apartments to choose from, you’ll find everything from beach and ski cottages to luxury villas and wilderness cabins. We haven’t forgotten about pets either and there are plenty of pet-friendly accommodations available.

A cottage holiday is perfect for an active Autumn break, which you can spend hiking, relaxing or even fishing. In the evenings, you can take it easy in the warmth of a fireplace, enjoying the peace and quiet.


Top-notch accommodation in hotels, cottages and apartments

The family-run Vuokatin Aateli and Hotel Vuokatti, located on the shores of Lake Nuasjärvi, merged in the summer of 2023 and now operate under Vuokatin Aateli. They offer luxury accommodation in cottages, lakeside apartments and two different hotels, Hotel Aateli Hillside and Hotel Aateli Lakeside.

After an active day, you can relax in Hotel Aateli Hillside’s unique Zen Spa. Or would you rather enjoy the lake scenery in Hotel Aateli Lakeside’s magnificent Honkalinna log sauna?

Vuokatin Aateli also caters to groups for meetings and recreational days, and all services can be booked through a single contact person.


Unforgettable experiences in quality holiday apartments

At IIDA Vuokatti, you can enjoy quality accommodation while being surrounded by Vuokatti’s diverse range of activities. Jogging paths and biking trails start right by the apartments and the Vuokatinvaara hill is only a short walk away.

The facilities include 23 holiday apartments in three different buildings, and the largest apartments can accommodate up to 10 people. The family-run IIDA Vuokatti is at your service!

lomahuoneisto vuokatti


Let nature enchant you

Lentiira Holiday Village offers accommodation in nine cottages built in the middle of the Kainuu countryside in Northern Kuhmo. In addition to the cosy cottages, a smoke sauna loved by guests is heated upon request.

The holiday village upholds fishing and hunting traditions. You might catch a glimpse of a bear from the safety of a hide as late as Autumn before they go into hibernation. Autumn also brings along mushrooms and berries, making it the perfect time to head to Lentiira.

There are also plenty of other things to see and experience in Vuokatti.