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Sustainability promise

Winter is important to us!

One of our most important goals is to ensure that future generations also get to experience the joy of snowy winters. Taking the environment into account is one of our strategic choices. We respect and cherish our operating environment.

We are committed to complying with environmental legislation and official regulations.

We have identified the most significant environmental aspects in our operations: consumption of electricity, fuel and water, as well as waste treatment.

The environment is one of our company values.
We comply with laws and regulations in all our operations.

Environmental responsibility
We are carbon neutral in terms of electricity usage.
We use Loiste Puhdas electricity produced with 100 % renewable natural resources.

The Olympiakatti, Tenavarinne, Snowpark and Alakatti slopes have an automatic snowmaking system. The system reacts to weather conditions and thus optimises energy efficiency and water use. Lake water is used for snowmaking on the slopes, the majority of which returns to the waterways when the snow melts.

Machinery and equipment
The engines of the snowmobiles used for slope work have been changed from two-stroke to four-stroke, which has resulted in significantly lower fuel consumption. We have invested in energy-saving slope equipment.
The SNOWsat system of PistenBully slope groomers helps machine operators see the snow depth in real time. This makes it easier and faster to move the snow to where it is needed.

Electric car charging
Loiste electric car charging points are available to our customers at the lower stations of the North and West slopes.

Slope lighting
The slope light technology is updated when the old equipment reaches the end of its service life.

Sorting and recycling
Sorting is important because sorted waste can be used as a raw material or energy source.

Rental shop equipment
We sell used rental shop equipment to consumers. This ensures that the rental shop equipment stays in good condition and that the sold equipment can bring joy to the customers for a long time to come. Equipment purchased from our rental shop can also be exchanged for new ones by paying the difference when the equipment needs updating.

You can always find vegetarian options in our restaurants.

Corporate social responsibility
Our corporate social responsibility is based on compliance with laws and regulations. We are committed to keeping our operations in Finland and paying taxes to Finland.

Supporting locality, such as using local services and products and hiring local people, is important to us. Developing year-round business operations and increasing year-round jobs also support our corporate social responsibility goals.

Promoting children and young people’s downhill skiing is important to us. At Max Camp clubs, local children and young people get to experience the joys of downhill skiing and start their winter sports journey. In addition, we support local athletes in their goals.

For us, social responsibility also means equal acceptance and treatment of people. We do not accept racism in any form, and we support equality and gender equality. Our ski school has the most comprehensive equipment for applied alpine skiing in Finland.

Economic responsibility
Economic responsibility is based on profitable business operations, which makes it possible to pay salaries to personnel, make investments, improve competitiveness and increase year-round jobs. With profitable operations, we are also able to take care of environmental and social responsibility goals and obligations.