Trails and routes in Vuokatti

ylhäältä päin kuvattu havumetsä, jonka keskellä kulkee hiekkatie vaakasuunnassa kuvan poikki

The landscape of Vuokatti is mainly formed by the chain of 13 hills, gorgeous blue lakes and thick green forests. The varied routes invites you to explore the unique nature year-round. In addition to cross-country skiing, hiking and trekking, the trails and routes are suitable for many other activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, Nordic walking or winter biking. And to complete your active day outdoors, the area has many rest and fire places, where you can enjoy a break and eat snacks while enjoying the beautiful nature around you.

You can find the real-time winter trail maintenance situation from Fluent.

Please note that while dogs are welcome to every rest and fire places, some of them are only accessible through skiing tracks during snow season. If the skiing track isn’t allowing dogs, then dogs are not welcome to those rest and fire places during snow season.

When going to the rest and fire places, please check the warnings in the area. During wildfire warning it is not allowed to make open fire.