Max's Snow World for kids

For kids

For the youngest members of the family Vuokatinrinteet has Max Lumimaailma slopes (8a, 8b and 8c), Hupikukkula slope (9) and Hupila-house for playing and taking a break.

Hupila – children’s house

It’s sometimes good to take a break. You can rest and catch your breath in the Hupila’s playroom. It is so nice to take off your ski boots for a while and jump into a snow castle filled with soft cubes or climb onto a snowflake.

Hupila also pay a special attention to the babies. There you can easily warm up your baby’s food in the microwave. In Hupila you also find a separate baby care room with all amenities.

Hupila is open during skiing season.

Hupikukkula children’s area – first experience to the slopes

Next to the Hupila, there is a Hupikukkula slope (number 9 in slope map) for the children and the beginners. With a carousel lift children can feel for the first time how it is like to stand on a sliding surface. Covered carpet lift (50 meters) will take the kids to the top of the Hupikukkula. This carpet life is free of charge for everyone. When you slide down, you can meet along the way snowmen and penguins!

On the another side of Hupikukkula there is also a sledding hill for kids.

Max Lumimaailma slopes – when kids are ready to pick up speed

With Max Lumimaailma ticket (15€/2 hours or 25€/day) you can ride in Max Lumimaailma (number 8a, 8b and 8c in slope map). Ticket includes three slopes, 200 meter slope with button lift and two 150 meter slopes with covered carpet lift.

Children under 6 years old can pass through the gate free of charge together with one of the parents with a ticket. If a child under the age of 6 rides on their own on Max Lumimaailma -slopes on their own, then child needs a ticket.

Hupila & Hiihtokoulu – an award-winning, unique service package for families with children!

In the spring of 2017, Visit Finland awarded an honorable mention to Vuokatti slopes for the development of a ski school and places for children and beginners. According to the selection panel, Lastentalo Hupila and the ski school area built around it offer families with children and beginners a first-class, easy and pleasant way to get acquainted with the great world of skiing and snowboarding. A significant factor behind the honorable mention is the pioneering work that has been done at Vuokatti Ski School for the long-term development of skiing education at the national level.

Vuokatti Ski School thanks!