Things to do – enter a new world

There is something nice to do for everyone indoors, regardless of season and weather.

Things to do – enter a new world

There is something nice to do for everyone indoors, regardless of season and weather. The newest thing in Vuokatti, VR-Room, certainly gives you a break from everyday toil: put on your goggles, prepare from head to toe and step bravely into a new world! VR-Room is located at Vuokatti Megazone, where you will also find an exciting laser tag game that you can play with a larger group. A proper amount of challenge and fun conveniently in the same building is offered by SuperPark – bounce, throw and play with the whole family!

VR-Room is a super fun novelty

Virtual reality is gaining ground in the gaming business, and the exciting VR-Room has also landed in Vuokatti Megazone!

In the VR-Room you can try different games from horror to sports. Do you dare to walk on a narrow plank high up? Can you keep up with the music, or do you dare to step into a house of horrors? From our wide game selection both children and adults can find something fun to do.

In the VR-Room you play one person at a time, the others can watch the game on a TV-screen. If there are several players, it is best to book the room for a longer time.

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The laser tag adventure is both exciting and competitive

Is there an enemy or a team mate around the corner? Is someone about to flank you? Now you must react quickly and accurately!

The super exciting laser tag adventure at Megazone is suitable for both children and adults. The playing field that is decorated with glowing paint is very exciting especially for first timers, and during the game music is played that fits the mood. Game start!

The purpose of this eventful game is to fight the other players with harmless laser guns. You can score points by hitting your opponents’ vests and by destroying their bases. You can still have fun, even if you are hit; you are not dropped out of the game, your vest just turns off for a while. A computer counts the players’ scores and hits, and this way the winning player/team is determined.

At Megazone the playing field has two floors. The combined area is about 440 m2, and up to 30 players can play at once.

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Time together and relaxed exercise

Climb up to heights, go down a fast slide, hop on a cable glide or ride on a pedal car racetrack – all this under the same roof. SuperPark Vuokatti is an indoors activity park for the whole family, and here you will find the most fun and the most moving experiences.

SuperPark has been divided into three different areas:

Game Arena offers challenges in e.g. soccer, ice hockey, Finnish baseball and tennis. At this yard games arena everyone can experience the games: everyone gets to play, and there is no limit to what you can do! At individual sports you can challenge your friend to a playful game or test your own boundaries.

Adventure Area provides you with new experiences. Do you trust the cable? Do you dare to push through a block wall? A fun glide requires strong arms and stamina in the abdominal area. The climbing “factory” is an adventure full of jumping, climbing and crawling, all of which improve your agility and motoric skills. Catch us if you can! The smallest children can perform tricks in a special area with trampolines, ropes and pools of foam rubber. Enjoy!

Freestyle Hall has seen the wildest tricks in the park. Here you can skate, scoot and jump from ramps. AirTrack, giant trampolines and foam pit make it possible for you to perform all kinds of tricks.

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