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Cross country skiing

hiihtäjä laittaa suksia jalkaan

Ski year-round in Vuokatti!

You will find the cross country skiers paradise in Vuokatti, where skiing has been made simple for enthusiasts of all levels. The routes of Vuokatti and Sotkamo offer perfect terrain for everyone from professional athletes to beginners, and those who like to enjoy a beautiful sunny spring day on skis. The xc-skiing tunnel and first-snow track enable year-round skiing.

XC-skiing track network

Vuokatti has 150 kilometres of cross country ski tracks each year. These tracks are being taken care of according to the high Olympic Training Center- standards for both free- and classic style skiing. 32 kilometres of xc-tracks in Vuokatti are being lighted from 7:00 to 21:30. Note! When the temperature drops below -20 degrees celsius the lights will not be turned on.

The xc-skiing tracks in Vuokatti can be divided into three groups by their location and difficulty level. The tracks around Holiday Club Katinkulta are the easiest, with quite flat terrain and length up to 10 km. The tracks near Vuokatti Sport all start from the Vuokatti Arena parking lot, and divide into those that go up to the hills (ylämaasto), including a lot of challenging uphills and downhills (max. height difference 165m). You can choose anything from 5 to 30 kilometres of excursion and race routes here. Multiple fireplace spots, huts, and cafees offer nice resting breaks. The rest of the tracks (alamaasto) stay down in the “lowlands” with shorter distances and moderate height differences.

When spring comes around, the tracks around Katinkulta offer enjoyable sunny skiing! Here height differences are minimal, as the tracks run mostly on the lake. The connecting track runs between Katinkulta and Vuokatti Sport habilitating easy transfer between the biggest accommodation providers and two xc-skiing track networks. In Sotkamo, the sunny ski trail runs from Hiukka, and there are more tracks in the ciity center area as well. You can move between Vuokatti and Sotkamo using the free of charge skibus SotKatti, or a xc-skiing trail from Vuokatti Sport to Hiukka beach.

You can find the real-time xc-skiing trail maintenance situation here. (Fluent)

Vuokatti areas ski trails and Hiukka-Pöllyvaara areas ski trails.

Vuokatti Sport harder tracks

Vuokatti Sport lowland tracks

Katinkulta xc-skiing tracks

Sotkamo xc-skiing tracks