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Aateli Island, Private paradise

Aateli Island, Private paradise

Imagine a place where you can take a leisurely dip in the lake from a small, sandy beach, admire the stars or the northern lights from the edge of a large rock and stay the night in your own, private luxury villa. In Vuokatti this is all possible. Aateli Island is a private paradise in the middle of Nuasjärvi lake.

It all started with Markku Laanti’s grand vision. The Aateli Island entrepreneur had already been asked for years about building accommodations on the lake shore. Then, when Markku heard that Nuasjärvi lake had a complete island for sale, he instantly seized the opportunity.
“I still remember when I arrived for the first time on that heart-shaped island. Its nature really thrilled me, even though I have lived in this area all my life. The island only had a small, old sauna cottage.Despite that, I immediately understood the many opportunities for this amazing place”, Markku explains.

A huge construction project began, the result of which became a place to stay that would satisfy even the most demanding of guests on the island.

Perfect setting for a luxury holiday

The main building on Aateli Island is the Fregatti villa, designed by the esteemed Finnish architect Jukka Haataja. The luxury building, shaped like a ship, has cabins, cabooses and marine hooks. The villa has three bedrooms, a kitchen, home theatre, fireplace, sauna and jacuzzi.

It is possible to rent Aateli Island for private use, but it is also a favourite destination for corporate retreats. During the summer and any other time when the water is free of ice, Aateli’s own vessels King Marcus and General Jermu bring you safely to the island.

“Aateli Island is a unique destination, the kind of which you won’t find anywhere else in Finland. The island has garnered a lot of international media attention”,Markku says.

Peace and nature

You can enjoy Aateli Island in complete privacy, as the island’s security technology is state-of-the-art. For many guests, the best part of the island is that it’s a place where you can truly enjoy your own peace and quiet.

“Aateli Island is a perfect destination for guests who want to experience Vuokatti’s wonderful nature but still be just a short journey from Vuokatti’s services.”, Markku concludes.