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Winter fun

Winter fun

Winter in Vuokatti is full of activities. Get your heart pumping on the ski slopes or hiking trails and at the same time, admire the amazing scenery and white blanket of snow.

During the winter, you can go from one extreme to the other: Dip in the icy water that momentarily takes your breath away and let the frost tickle your cheeks. After an active day, there’s nothing more enjoyable than enjoying hot cocoa in a ski cafe and returning to your cozy room to warm up.

Skiing: Get your heart racing or enjoy a more casual pace

For a holidaymaker, the best time to hit the tracks is after a long breakfast – with proper fueling it is a pleasure to ski with the sun shining. If you’re looking to get the pulse racing even more, you may want to go to the race tracks, where Vuokatti Sport’s top athletes also train.

On these tracks, you’ll find an S-shaped descent, tough curves and short rises that will have your thighs burning. For those dreaming of a more basic fitness route, the Aurinkolatu tracks on the ice around Katinkulta offer smoother skiing and a stunning scenery.

It’s always wonderful to gear up for the tracks when you’ve got the right equipment. Getting some skis and poles or bringing them with you is not something to worry about, as you’ll find all the equipment you need for all skill levels from Vuokatti Sport in the ski tunnel, Ski Service, Vuokatti Slopes, as well as Vuokatti Bowling. The ski cafes in Vuokatti offer a well-deserved moment of rest for active skiers. The well-known Vaara track passes by the Rekikesti cafe, so you’ll almost make it to the front door in your skis. Meanwhile, the Heikkilän Pirtti cafe offers both sweet and savoury fresh-baked goods near the Vaarankylä track. Along the Aurinkolatu, you will find a lean-to shelter where you can prepare traditional Finnish snacks for the tracks: fried sausage and coffee.

Snowshoeing: Fun and Effective!

Stepping in the untouched snow can bring a bit of sweat to your brow but, at the same time, you’ll delight in the breathtaking scenery. And, even better, snowshoeing is also fun!

In Vuokatti’s fells, heavily-snowed forests and vast lake ridges you can move according to your own fitness level. Go a couple of kilometers for a quick spin on the untouched snow or a full-day safari in the magical white land with Vuokatti Safaris. For the independent adventurer, shoes can be rented from Vuokatti Safaris or Vuokatti Slopes.

Skate: enjoy the scenery or practice in a hall

Ice skating provides an unbelievable and ecstatic feeling – on the ice, it can feel like you’re flying.
In Vuokatti, you can hop on your skates either in the hall or on the ice outside. The ice arena operates all year-round near the Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti and there are also public skating sessions.

On the lake: the IceWay skating track is in operation each winter, along the Katinkulta and Vuokatinmaa shorelines. The track is free and 1.3km in length.

Ice Swimming: take a dip like a Finn

Taking a dip in an icy lake sounds strange, but it produces an incredible amount of pleasure hormones. The frigid experience can both invigorate as well as improve sleep, and it’s absolutely one of the most Finnish of winter activities. In Vuokatti, outdoor swimming can be practiced for example in the centre of Sotkamo, Vuokatti Sports Institute and at Katinkulta.

Sled hill: easiest way to have fun

You don’t need skill or experience to go down the hill on a sled – everybody can do that!
The sled hill is especially popular with families and is enjoyed by kids and adults.

Vuokatti’s amazing sled hill, for the whole family, is found near Vuokatti Sport near the bottom of the ski jumping tower.