Find your own trail: TOP 3 hiking routes in Vuokatti

Pack your snacks in your backpack and enjoy the beautiful routes on the hills

Find your own trail: TOP 3 hiking routes in Vuokatti

The landscape in autumn invites you to hike and breath the crisp, needle-scented air. We listed three hiking routes of different levels in Vuokatti, all of which are delightful for those who enjoy exercising, from beginners to enthusiasts. So pack your snacks in your backpack and enjoy the beautiful hiking routes on the hills!

1. For everyone: Jäätiö Fitness Trail (2 km)

Jäätiö Fitness Trail is suitable for the whole family, circling in lake and park landscapes. There are no obstacles on the route, so it can be circled with a wheel chair, by foot, with a baby stroller, by Nordic walking or cycling. The route starts from a parking lot next to Katinkullantie. The route has clear signs, it can be circled in both directions and it has several entrance and exit points. You can add to the challenge at the extra exercise points along the route, and the children like to spend time on the playgrounds.  For fans of Frisbee golf there is a 9-fairway course. In between exercise you can enjoy your snacks at the lean-to by Jäätiönlampi.

2. For those who want to keep fit: Eino Leino trail (7 km)

The Eino Leino route on top of Vuokatinvaara was named after our national poet Eino Leino, who fell in love with the view that opens from the top of the hill. According to the story, this view inspired him to write the poem Pohjolan maisema. Eino Leino route has fantastic landscapes and different terrains, varying from versatile swamps to rocky hills and boreal forests. This route that offers a proper amount of challenge and sweating starts from Vuokatti Sport. This route can be circled by mountain bike, by foot, by running or Nordic walking. Along the route there are several lean-tos where you can make steaming hot coffee in a pan on an open fire. Along the route there is also a set of stairs that allow you to climb on top of Iso Pölly.

3. For those who want challenges: competition level skiing tracks on Vuokatinvaara (7 km and 9 km)

The demanding, competition level skiing tracks on the Vuokatinvaara hill can also be used as hiking routes. On these routes that run through beautiful landscapes you can compare your own shape to Finland’s top skiers who train here in the summer. The routes that start from Vuokattihalli are made for skiing competitions, so they are challenging even for the most experienced skiers. The route profiles are demanding, with long climbs and descents. Total climb is a bit over 200 meters. Along the routes there are two huts where you can take a deserved break.

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