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Travel projects

vuokatin laskettelurinteet, violetti hetki, auringon lasku

Developing the international growth of Vuokatti
1.6.2020 – 30.6.2023

The project controlled by Vuokatin Matkailukeskus Oy is taking measures to develop the international growth of Vuokatti. The project promotes co-operation between companies and interest groups together with international travel agents. During the project we participate in Visit Finland’s OTA-campaigns and rewrite the sales manual for Vuokatti travel area. Furthermore, we organize virtual sales events.

During the project Vuokatti travel area’s travel services are taken to national electric sales platforms, marketing surveys are conducted, media and travel agent visits are organized and negotiations for international charters to Vuokatti are held. The project is being funded by Pohjois-Pohjanmaan ELY-keskus (livelihood, traffic and environmental center) and Vuokatin Matkailukeskus Oy.

The measures taken in the project for developing the international growth of Vuokatti include promoting co-operation between companies and interest groups, co-operating with international travel agents, participating in Visit Finland’s OTA-campaigns, marketing surveys, writing a sales manual, co-operating in developing products that are of interest to international customers as well as organizing virtual sales events. Furthermore, the travel services of Vuokatti travel area are taken to national electric sales platforms and negotiations are held for bringing international charters to Vuokatti.

Vuokatti Destination
1.6.2021 – 31.7.2023

In a Vuokatti Destination project controlled by the municipality of Sotkamo we create new appeal to the area by intensifying digital marketing and by producing contents for virtual travel, as well as developing tools for electric sales and management by information. The project develops measures based on the demand in the area, and the goal is to achieve the best possible productivity and efficiency in the use of digital tools in the entire travel area. The themes of the project are digital tools and using them in regional marketing, as well as management by information.

During the project we conduct surveys on travellers in the area. For travel companies in the area we conduct surveys on target marketing and achievability, create a digital service brochure for the area and narrative virtual tours for travellers. We also use digital tools for marketing on the national level. The project is being funded by Kainuun Liitto (ERDF) and the municipality of Sotkamo.