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Hotel rooms in Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti

Standard room

In total 143 hotel rooms: standard rooms, superior rooms, family rooms, connected rooms, junior suites and suites.
Standard rooms: size 25 m², french balcony, shower or bathtub, hardwood floor, 32 "flat-screen, plenty of storage space. High-quality twin beds and room-specific cooling system, extra beds
(divan sofa) for two children possible.
Superior rooms: shower, balcony, 32 "flat-screen TV, high quality double bed, room-specific cooling system. Extra beds (divan sofa) for two children possible.
Junior suite: suitable up to five persons, 55 m², balcony, two 32 "flat-screen TVs, sofa group, hardwood floor. King size double bed and separate bedroom with two twin beds, room-specific cooling system, two bathrooms with shower and own sauna.

Standard room

Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti

Kidekuja 2, 88600 Vuokatti