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Vuokatti Ski Resort

Slopes for all levels

14 well-groomed versatile Vuokatti slopes guarantee fun for all the family. For beginners we recommend starting on area Maxin Lumimaailma, slopes 8a-c. Experienced sportsmen can choose Olympiakatti and Freestyle park slope that correspond to all international competition standards.

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Two Vuokatti Rental Offices are situated on the West and North slopes, at lower stations. In the same buildings you can find equipment maintenance services and SportShop with all necessary clothes and equipment of best sport brands are in sale.

Experienced professional instructors from Vuokatti Ski School will guide the beginners through their first moves on the slope and share their tips for improving the technique with frequent guests of ski resorts. Vuokatti Ski School also specializes in providing training for disabled people.

À la Katti- and Pirtti restaurants, Hesburger and Vaaran Tupa Cafe are at you service to make sure you don’t get hungry or tired on the slopes.


Vuokatti Ski Resort

Veikontie 3, 88610 Vuokatti

+358 8 6194 111

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Café Vaaran Tupa

Vuokatti Ski Resort

At the top of the Vuokatti hill hid­den by fros­ty trees, shel­te­red by pa­ti­na­ted log walls, the­re is an warm­ly…

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Lumiset puut laskettelurinteen reunalla

Vuokatti Ski Resort

Vuokatti Ski Resort

Vuokatinrinteet is both: a popular family resort and professional’s home arena. Although Vuokatti has long history, it’s also nowadays lively…

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