Vuokatti Hills

The landscape of Sotkamo and Vuokatti is mainly formed by the chain of 13 hills. From the top of the hills you can enjoy a wonderful view to the land of lakes, which reflects the most beautiful things of Finnish nature. The image of the view from Vuokatti hills was put onto a 500 marks note (now out of use). The watching point of Vuokatti hills can be reached by car, taking the Southern road between Sotkamo and Kajaani.

Finland’s oldest hiking event

Vuokatti hills attract hikers all year round, especially in autumn time when the nature wears all the possible colours. In September on the national UKK – hiking route, which goes through Vuokatti Hills, the oldest Finnish hiking event is held, and then comes 13 Hills hiking marathon (13 Vaaran Maastomaraton).

Magnificent nature of Naapurinvaara

Naapurinvaara hill, located in the North of Vuokatti region, is famous for its magnificent scenery and wonderful nature. Meadows and forests together create a unique landscape that can be found only in this place in the region. From the top of Naapurinvaara you can enjoy the stunning panoramic view on the Vuokatti Hills and Sotkamo village both in summer and in winter. Naapurinvaara landscape is protected on a national level. Here, in Naapurinvaara, Huvikeskus, one of the main dancing venues in Finland, is located.

Explore Naapurinvaara

A three-kilometre walking path Lepikon lenkki can be followed by the signs from Naapurinvaara School or Naapurivaara Holiday village. Other popular routes, such as Koulupolku and Vaaranlenkki start also at the school yard. Lepikon lenkki path will take you to the Naapurinlouhi hut. In winter these routes can be used for snowshoe trekking.