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Vuokatti Hills

The landscape of Sotkamo and Vuokatti is mainly formed by the chain of 13 hills.

Admire the far-reaching landscapes of blue lakes, thick green forests and hills reflecting the beauty of the Finnish nature. The view opening from the top of Vuokatinvaara hill is breathtaking and often quoted as one of the national landscapes of Finland.

Vuokatinvaaran talvimaisema
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Vuokatinvaaran auringonlasku / Vuokatin Matkailukeskus Oy

Vuokatinvaaran talvimaisema

Vuokatinvaaran talvimaisema / Vuokatin Matkailukeskus Oy

Auringonnousu Vuokatinvaaralla / Vuokatin Matkailukeskus Oy

Admire the far-reaching landscapes of blue lakes, thick green forests, and hills. From the Vuokatti Hill you can see the municipality of Sotkamo and enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The vista point of Vuokatti hills can be reached by car, taking the southern road between Sotkamo and Kajaani. The vista point is accessible by wheel chair during thaw. Vuokatti Hill hosts versatile marked hiking trails where you can enjoy the diverse nature and its offerings. Along the marked trails there are fireplaces maintained by the municipality excellent for taking a break.

Finland’s oldest hiking event

Vuokatti hills attract hikers all year round, especially in autumn time when the nature wears all the possible colors. In September, on the national UKK – hiking route, which goes through Vuokatti Hills, the oldest Finnish hiking event “Vuokatin Vaellus” is held. The toughest route of the hiking eveng covers all the 13 hills of Vuokatti.