Vuokatti slopes’ opening hours

Updated 24.3.2020

Skiing season in Vuokatinrinteet has ended 23.3.2020

The temperature limit for the chair lift is -20° Celsius.
In case the temperature is below -20°C, the chair lift is not running.


The Finnish Ski Area Association recommendations regarding coronavirus (Covid-19) for ski resorts and their customers.


6bFreestyle park850/160mclosed-Yes
6cKids Slopestyle200/20mclosed-Yes


Itärinteet (nro:t 1-3)

 Pohjoisrinteet (nro:t 4-9)
T-bar liftclosed
Carpet lift 150 mclosed
Carpet lift 50 mclosed

 Länsirinteet (nro:t 10-12)
T-bar liftsclosed

 Caravanrinne (nro 13)

Safety on the slopes

All staff of Vuokatti slopes is trained to provide first aid. The Red Cross representative is often present on the slopes. In case of an accident there will be at least two people with necessary equipment to provide help. The evaluation of the accident is done on the spot, which allows to decide quickly whether the patient needed to be transported to the emergency hospital. Each accident is recorded.

Rules of conduct on the slopes

  • Check your equipment and all the bindings before entering the skiing area. Wearing of a helmet is advised.
  • Join the queue for the lift and take the first place available. Leave the lift only in the places indicated
  • Choose a trail according to your level of skiing. Take time to study the trail beforehand.
  • Keep the distance with other skiers on the slope. Give way to those descending behind you. Be careful in case you see children on the slope.
  • Stop only in places where you can clearly be seen. If you need to go up, use the edge of the slope.
  • Adjust your speed according to your level. Pay attention to the snow and general slope conditions.
  • Sledging is allowed only in the places indicated. You sledge at your own risk.
  • Being intoxicated on the slopes is strictly forbidden.
  • In case of an accident, provide all possible aid and inform the staff.
  • Follow all the instructions of the staff members. The personnel have the right to withdraw the ski pass from any skier disobeying the rules.

(Read more about the safety on slopes:

In case of an accident

Please contact the ticket office of Vuokatti slopes, tel.: +358 (0)8 619 4111 or Northern Slopes sub-station lift control center, tel.: +358 (0)8 619 4152.

Trail map and slope cameras

Vuokatti slopes are notable for the compact location of trails and safe skiing environment. The difficulty levels vary from Tenava and Perheslopes for beginners and family skiing, to extreme trails marked black, including Superpipe and SlopeStyle slopes.

Northen Slope:


Try driving a race car down the Vuokatti slopes when all that limits you is gravity. The lift on the Western slope takes the driver with the car up to the beginning of the asphalted track, where the journey to the lower station will start.

Vuokatti Slopes

Veikontie 3
88610 Vuokatti

Opening hours  2019/2020 

Skiing season in Vuokatti has ended 23.3.2020

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Ilkantie 8
88610 Vuokatti
+358 8 619 410

Opening hours:

daily 10.00-18.00


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