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Vuokatin Matkailukeskus Oy (VMK Oy) is responsible for the tourism marketing of the Vuokatti tourist area. On these pages, you can read more about what Vuokatin Matkailukeskus Oy is involved in, what kind of tourism projects Vuokatin Matkailukeskus Oy itself is involved in and what kind of cooperation opportunities Vuokatin Matkailukeskus Oy offers.


The strength of the Vuokatti tourist area is its diverse nature in four seasons. We are committed to developing and promoting sustainable tourism. Read more about sustainable tourism in our area.

Vuokatti image bank

All images and logos in the Vuokatti image bank belong to Vuokatti Joint Marketing Organisation and individual photographers. The use of the materials from the image bank is allowed to companies of Vuokatti Joint Marketing Organisation for their own marketing purposes and other cases, such as presentations and travel agency work, with the condition that the used material helps to increase Vuokatti brand awareness and create the positive image of the brand

All other purposes of usage are subject to agreement: please contact for further details.