Time with the family

In Vuokatti, it is extremely easy to make a family holiday, because it is close and full of possibilities

perhe uimarannalla vuokatti

Time with the family

When you are looking for the best company and place for a holiday, it is time to pack your family into a car and head towards Vuokatti. In Vuokatti, it is extremely easy to make a family holiday, because it is close and full of possibilities to experience, to enjoy, to feel, to do and to relax. Vuokatti is like an idyllic village with all amenities imaginable. The village like communality in Vuokatti guarantees that you can have a holiday without worries. There are many ways to spend a holiday. Below are some examples of what we can offer:

Vuokatti Sport

Fun and Sports – Summer Holiday is a package for the whole family. When everything is carefully thought of, paying attention to everyone’s needs, you can be actively carefree. All-inclusive summer holiday package offers experiences to the whole family. We have all-time favourites for children and classics for adults: activities at Vuokatti Adventure Park, paddling and fishing on the lake Särkinen, geocaching, frisbee golf, performing tricks at a gymnasium and a lot more. The price includes all meals.

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Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti

When you want to stay in the middle of the village, Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti is the best choice. The hills, the water system, the trail and route networks and a wide variety of activities as well as all the hotel services create a perfect setting for having fun, being well and enjoying nature all year round. The renewed menu of restaurant Amarillo is full of national delicacies with a local touch for the whole family. And the menu is not the only thing that has been renewed. Our new terrace invites you to have one or more sodas under the Sotkamo sun.

Katinkulta spa

For water beasts, Katinkulta spa offers fun for several days. The spa has more than 20 separate pools: hot tubs and counter current pools, massaging showers and a fountain. For the children there is a warm children’s pool, a water slide and floating devices. Here, you will not be bored, no matter how active you are. Accommodation can be found in the same building, so moving from one place to another with the children is easy. For the hungry water beasts there are two excellent restaurants. At Classic Pizza you will – in case that for some reason you have lost it – rediscover pizza, different and more delicious. O’Learys is a Boston style sports bar, where you can enjoy American delicacies from the children’s or adults’ menu, with sports playing in the background. 

IIDA Vuokatti -holiday suites

IIDA Vuokatti –holiday suites offers more peaceful and more cabin like settings for a family holiday right in the heart of Vuokatti. We have 23 suites in three different loft houses, and you can choose the most suitable for your family size. The sizes vary from 46 to 128 m2, the biggest ones can house up to ten persons. All the suites have all amenities – and extra services are right around the corner or a phone call away.

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What else can you do on a holiday?

Lay down on a beach, and let the sun caress your skin and the water tickle your toes e.g. on Hiukka beach. Feel the thrill of speed on a Husky Mercedes, because for us a ride with a team of dogs is not just a winter sport. Let the big and small adventurers loose at Adventure Park and enjoy the nine courses, up to 12 meters in height, and 111 tasks. Take the Sun Tracker cruise on the lakes of Vuokatti. For added excitement try the Escape Rooms, where you get to solve mysteries and puzzles. There is certainly something to do for everyone.

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