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The woods are close

In Vuokatti, there are many routes for different types of cycling

Metsä on liikuttavan lähellä Vuokatti

The woods are close

In Vuokatti the woods are always close – whether you are looking for a peaceful time in majestic landscapes, a family friendly hiking trail or a longer hiking route. The national parks only a short drive away invite you to new paths, and the Vuokatti hills are accessible directly from your accommodation door.

The rocky Hiidenportti is calling

Hiidenportti national park is only 50 kilometers away from Vuokatti. From its gorge you can see the awe-inspiring wild landscapes and black swamp pools of Korpi-Kainuu. The woods in the national park are 100-150 years old on average, almost untouched pine and spruce woods. The heart of the national park is a rocky gorge, one of the most remarkable natural sights in the entire province. The steep cliffs are up to 20 meters high. There are guide signs to the park along the south side road between Kuhmo and Sotkamo. The gorge is only 1,3 kilometers away from the parking lot of Palolampi.

Get to know Tiilikkajärvi by paddling

In Tiilikkajärvi national park, 75 kilometers from Vuokatti, there are beautiful landscapes full of lakes and beaches that you can admire on a refreshing paddling tour. The most famous beach in Tiilikkajärvi is Venäjänhiekka, and the name is no coincidence; when the border was drawn according to the peace treaty of Tjazvino (in 1595), a stone was raised at Tiilikkajärvi with a crown and a cross as the emblems of Sweden and Russia. On the ridges, beaches, cottongrass-scented swamps and in the humming woods of Tiilikkajärvi you can relax and find peace.

The many trails of Vuokatti

There are also many fine natural destinations in Vuokatti, and there are routes for hikers of all levels. The woods start from almost every backyard, so it could not be any easier to go to nature. On a shorter tour you may want to head to the lookouts on Vuokatinvaara and Naapurinvaara. From the top of these hills you can see a breath-taking view over Kainuu. On Naapurinvaara there is also a bird watching tower, from which you can spot up to 50 different species of birds. If you want to spend a longer time in the woods, choose the Sapporo or Eino Leino trail, both of which make a circle of about 10 kilometers in the woods of Vuokatinvaara.

“Riviera” of Kainuu

Hiukka beach, known as “the Riviera of Kainuu”, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Finland, and a good destination for the whole family. The beach by Sapsojärvi is shallow, with a nice sand bottom. In the area there are beach volley courts and further, in the shade of the ridges, a tennis court. Sawdust-covered jogging trails and a nature trail also begin from the beach.

Get to know the landscapes of Pöllyvaara

Not far from Vuokatti, Pöllyvaara is a good place to hike, go Nordic walking or ride a mountain bike. Its local counterpart route is located in Teppana, about a kilometre from the center of Kajaani. The Pöllyvaara route is easy to access from the Pöllyvaara parking lot, and this route runs all the way to Lukkarinnurmi.

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