Take over Vuokatti with a new app!

Take over Vuokatti with a new app!

Where does the goblin live and why did he decide to scatter rocks around Sotkamo? And how are guerrilla fighters connected to Vuokatti? Try the new Vuokatti mobile game and learn more about the area as you play!

With the new Vuokatti mobile game you’ll learn about Vuokatti and the local sights easily. The fun, interactive game will teach you more about Vuokatti through local videos, pictures and stories. You can also test your local knowledge by answering questions about Vuokatti.

In the game you can plan a journey through Vuokatti, learn new things about the area and watch the bears’ video message from the Bears’ Nest.

Hillwalk in Vuokatti or go on an imaginary journey

You can play the game both at home and on site in Vuokatti. The game has a ready-to-go 7 km route with fun activities and sights. If you want to try something new, you can also put together a sightseeing route by combining interesting places.

The game is free to download and works on iPhones and Android. Get started by downloading the game from your phone’s app store. The game is available in Finnish, English, Chinese and Russian.