Take a break from everyday routines

Peace of mind, forces of nature, landscapes with forested hills – can outdoors life be more perfect.

ryhmä meloo tyynellä järvellä, vuokatti kesä

Take a break from everyday routines

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, sigh deeply, hear the voices of nature, let the scents intoxicate you. You are only one step away from Vuokatti Zen. Peace of mind, forces of nature, landscapes with forested hills – can outdoors life be more perfect.

Vuokatti offers you breath-taking possibilities and routes for life outdoors. You can experience Vuokatti freely by hiking or cycling along guided routes, or you can change perspectives, jump into a canoe and let the currents lead you to new adventure.


“Patikka” is led from the old Finnish word “pade”, which meant a trail or a road. “Padeking” would also be a nice word for it, but let us stay on the right track here. Hiking takes you as close to nature as it is possible. In Vuokatti you can hike boundlessly – there are suitable routes with or without guide signs for every level and mood.

Alone, in pairs or in teams? On top of Vuokatinvaara there are trails with fire places that the whole family can enjoy. In the summer, the skiing tracks that start from Vuokatti Sport are sawdust-covered jogging trails that are good for Nordic walking and also for more vigorous exercise.

In addition to the routes in Vuokatti, you can also hike in beautiful fabulous national landscapes in the National parks of Tiilikkajärvi and Hiidenportti. On the beaches, ridges and cottongrass-scented swamps as well as in the humming woods you can feel the forces of nature. This is perfect for those who like to go hiking by themselves. The primal landscape with gorges in Hiidenportti is a powerful sight. The National park offers impressive stories to those who are interested in cultural history. On the path leading to the rocky gorge you can see a mysterious spruce forest, a beautiful meadow full of flowers and a interesting burn-clearing.


You can cycle all year round in varying terrains. You can choose from cosy family cycling routes to quite wild extreme routes. On a bicycle you can admire Vuokatti’s beautiful landscapes with forested hills, get to know all the services and see all the sights. You do not necessarily need your own bike, you can rent one on the spot. We have fatbikes (electric or non-electric), all-time favourite Jopo’s and speedy mountain bikes.


Join us on a relaxing paddling tour on the nearby Jäätiönlampi. We will teach you paddling technique, and you can enjoy paddling in calm waters. When we take a break we will drink some juice and fry some sausages on open fire.

The tour is guided and fairly easy. It is suitable for families, groups from companies and first timers! For the more adventurous we also offer river rafting!

Our experienced and professional guides will happily instruct beginners to the secrets of paddling, and they will also take the more adventurous to the best river rafting sites in the region.

For those who want to sweat

If you are one of those for whom a holiday is not a holiday without sweating and testing your boundaries at any given sport, Vuokatti is the right place for you. At Vuokatti Sport we have the perfect settings, whether you are an active sportsman or a passionate exerciser. Not to forget regular Sunday walkers. Our selection is so wide that it will wake you feel dizzy.

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Bring your own snacks

Whether you are going on a tour, walking, hiking, cycling, paddling or even riding a horse, it is always good to take a break somewhere along the route. A snack break in the middle of nature is the highlight of every exercise. Whether you want to fry sausages on an open fire, enjoy your sandwiches on a beach or drink a cup of coffee sitting on a tree stub, you can get all your snacks conveniently from K-Supermarket Vuokatti.