Vuokatti Sport Institute apartments

Choose Vuokatti Sorts Institute apartments to feel comfortable and homey during your stay in Vuokatti. In all apartments you can enjoy an evening in your own sauna or relax in front of the fireplace.

Apartments for 5 persons

3 bedrooms with single beds
1 bedroom with double bed
Living-room combined with kitchen
Sauna place (extra sleeping place possible)

Apartments for 2-4 people

Bedroom for 2 persons
Living-room combined with kitchen
Sauna place
Loft (extra 2 beds possible)

Ski Tunnel is Vuokatti’s crazy innovation, which, however, gained recognition all around the world. Vuokatti Sports Institute uses it nowadays as one of the training venues. High-standard conditions inside the tunnel allow skiing all year round.
Vuokatti offers fun and challenging activities for the whole family all year round. The variety of activity places and types completes the package. Most of the families come to Vuokatti during school break, and at that time Sports Institute offers fun activity programmes for the whole family, which are entertaining and amusing for guests of any age.
Vuokatti Sports Insitute annually organises summer camps for kids and teens. Having all services in close proximity it’s easy to organize a summer camp in Sports Institute.
Vuokatti Sports Instuitute offers nature-based sport activities, for health and work wellbeing. The package of services can be tailored according to you needs, so that it can be a busy sports day, or regular sessions during the whole year.

Vuokatti Sports Institute

Opistontie 4
88615 Vuokatti
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