Equipment maintenance services

Experienced stuff and modern service equipment on the slopes of Vuokatti will help you wax and maintain your skis or snowboard with higher performance results.

Prices 2018/2019

Ski maintenanceUnder 130 cm
Full service5040
Basic service (edging, base tuning and waxing)4535
Basic service excluding waxing4030
Bindings mounting (without template)60
Bindings mounting (by template)40
Bindings mounting (adjustments)10
Full services5545
Basic service (edging, base tuning and waxing)5040
Basic service excluding waxing4535
Snowboard bindings mounting30
XC skis, waxing
Waxing slide+grip/ klister30/40
Waxing slide20

We reserve rights to change prices.


At the moment, the tunnel is closed for reconstruction. Opening is scheduled for summer 2019.
Try driving a race car down the Vuokatti slopes when all that limits you is gravity. The lift on the Western slope takes the driver with the car up to the beginning of the asphalted track, where the journey to the lower station will start.

Vuokatti Slopes

Veikontie 3
88610 Vuokatti

Opening hours 2018/2019

1.12.2018 – 21.4.2019

Every dayklo 9.30 – 19.00
Christamas Eve 24.12.klo 9.30 – 14.30
Christmas Day 25.12.klo 12.00 – 19.00
22.4.2019klo 9.30-17.00
Kattikeskus / Snowboarding Tunnel

Ilkantie 8
88610 Vuokatti
+358 8 619 410

Opening hours:


daily 11.00-19.00

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