A super-fun laser tag game Megazone!

Megazone is a super fun laser tag game for anyone who loves adventures. The basic idea of the game is to collect points by tagging other players’ game vests or bases with harmless laser guns. The game field is a large maze which is decorated with glowing paintings. Immersive music will create an exciting atmosphere in the game.



Virtual Reality is suitable for all!

In the VR-room you will be able to test your courage, intelligence and speed rate with different kind of VR-games. When you put the VR goggles on – the world is limitless. Tens of different VR-games will guarantee a fun activity for all ages.


Escape rooms

Escape room is an adventurous game where players solve series of puzzles and riddles by using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players have to solve all the riddles in order to get out of the room successfully before the given time runs out. The time limit is 60 minutes. Do you have what it takes?

In Go Vuokatti you can find three differend kinds of escape room! In one room there can be 2-8 players at the same time.

recommended number of players 2-6.


Paintball is a fast-paced and exciting game. In the game players are equipped with a protective mask, overalls, and a paint ball marker!

The goal is to take the opponents out of the game by hitting them with colored balls. Paintball is a suitable activity for adventurers and the recommended age limit in paintball is 12 years.


Ask for an offer and we will arrange something suitable for you!



Exiting Escape Room! Do you have what it takes?
Super thrilling and sporty laser tag game is suitable for children and adults, which makes it a perfect activity for families. The idea of the game is to fight against other players with harmless laser guns.
In the VR-room you can try different game types from horror to sports. Do you dare to step into a narrow plank in the high altitudes?

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