Welcome to cozy traditional Finnish log houses, situated in the middle of Kainuu nature. Kolazko Ltd. offers comfortable stay in one of the traditional log houses that are located at the hills, close to Vuokatti slopes, ski lifts and trails.

In close proximity you will find various possibilities for active holiday, such as, among many others, Vuokatti ski and snowboarding tunnels. Vuokatti weekly activity programmes will make sure you are having fun all year round. Kolazko has 22 high-class apartments in traditional semi-detached log houses, all fully equipped with all you might need during your stay, which were built in 2002–2007.

Holiday apartments

  • Nefriitti and Lasuriitti – 1 bedroom, 48 m2
  • Rubiini and Meripihka – 2 bedrooms, 59 m2
  • Akaatti, Akvamariini, Ametisti, Smaragdi, Malakiitti and Onyksi – 2 bedrooms + terrace, 67 m2
  • Safiiri – 2 bedrooms + terrace, 75 m2
  • Granaatti, Topaasi, Jaspis, Helmi – 2 bedrooms + terrace, 84 m2
  • Aventuriini, Berylli, Jade ja Opaali – 3 bedrooms + terrace, 84,5 m2
  • Aleksandriitti – 3 bedrooms + terrace, 90 m2
  • Koralli – 3 bedrooms + terrace, 100 m2
  • Turkoosi – 4 bedrooms + terrace, 130 m2

All apartments are made of Fininsh wood according to Finnish standards, and have a sauna, a fireplace, well-equipped kitchen, TV/DVD, digital receiver, washing machine and a drying wardrobe, as well as Wi-Fi connection. Check the website for detailed information on apartments, prices and reservations.


Ilkantie 8
88610 Vuokatti
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