Fitness and wellbeing

The hotel is part of Active Wellness group formed in co-operation with other companies. Technogym is a fully-equipped gym at the hotel, which suits perfectly for workouts, stretching, strength and cardio trainings. There is also a mirror room for group exercises.

The gym is open daily 6–21. You can buy the ticket and ask for extra information at the hotel’s reception.

The ski maintenance room with lockers, drying rooms and ski waxing facilities can be used by all hotel guests.

Wellbeing and health services, all provided under the same roof:

Masage therapist Vesa Kontturi
Vuokatti Physiotherapy
Osteopath Martti Koutonen



Finns are known for their very own sauna activities such as dipping into an icy water or stroking yourself gently with birch twigs. Both of these activities are well known to be the strange activities Finnish people love to do!
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