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Villa Ruhtinatar at Vuokatin Aateli

Villa Ruhtinatar at Vuokatin Aateli

Ruhtinatar has an ideal location right by the Vuokatti slopes. Its grounds are surrounded by a natural park, and you can access the skiing tracks and slopes from the front step. The house and its surroundings are beautifully lit and the garden is enjoyable around the year. Ruhtinatar, a 170-square-metre villa, is an experience for up to 16 persons. The villa has 5 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen-living room, and an elegant sauna department with a jacuzzi. Its high-class facilities include a home theatre, six flat screen television sets with movie channels, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Price / day starting at

375 €

Availability: All year round

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Villa Ruhtinatar at Vuokatin Aateli

Vuokatin Aateli

Ilkanmäentie 13, 88610 Vuokatti

+35844 555 2828