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Vuokatti slopes caravan site

At the foot of the slopes, in the middle of all services.

Vuokatti slopes caravan area is located in the very heart of Vuokatti, close to all main services.

The site has around 50 parking places and is open 1.10.–15.5. Closed in summer

During summer caravans can stay at Kattivankkuri.

Places to visit for the 2022/2023 season

There are 15 places to visit on Vuokatinrinteet caravan side.
The information for the 23/24 season will be updated in the fall.

The price on the place is 50€/day. The prive includes electricity and the right to use the maintenance building.
Book a place to visit Vuokatinrinteet in good time.

Inquiries and reservations:

Vuokatti slopes

Vuokatti slopes caravan site

Veikontie 3, 88610 Vuokatti

+358 8 619 4111