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Tiilikkajärvi National Park

Fine sand beaches, wilderness lakes and lush swamp grounds

Along the paths of Tiilikkajärvi, the Täyssinä peace boundary stone and the traditional landscape of the 1920s buildings tell about the history of the region. Tiilikkajärvi National Park is about 80 kilometers from Vuokatti, being a suitable destination for day trips.

Tiilikkajärvi National Park was established to preserve wilderness-like lake, river and esker ecosystems as well as the open aapa bogs surrounding Lake Tiilikka. The humus-filled River Itkonjoki flows into Lake Tiilikka after having passed through the park’s mires. Lake Tiilikka has very few aquatic plants as the water is quite hard when it flows from the mires.

Tiilikkajärvi National Park has about 21 kilometers of marked nature trails. The most popular route is Uitonkierto 7 km, which goes around the two lakes of the national park. The route is easy to navigate, so it is also suitable for beginner hikers. Autionkierto trail is a 3.4 km circular route, along which there is marshlands and the atmospheric Tiilikanaution farmhouse with its courtyards.

In the yard of the rental hut Uitonkämppä, there is a fire pit, a well and a compost toilet that can be freely used by hikers. The rental hut is intended for summer time use of organised group hiking tours. The sauna and the docks can only be used by renting the hut.  Uitonkämppä well water is recommended to be boiled before use.

You can enjoy the wonderful scenery of Tiilikkajärvi National Park by hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing or skiing.

Tiilikkajärvi National Park

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