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Naapurinvaara Hill

Magnificent nature and lush meadows

Naapurinvaara sotkamo vuokatti kesä nähtävyys

Naapurinvaara hill, located in the North of Vuokatti region, is famous for its magnificent scenery and wonderful nature. Meadows and forests together create a unique landscape that can be found only in this place in the region.

Naapurinvaara sotkamo vuokatti kesä nähtävyys
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Naapurinvaaran Huvikeskus / Naapurinvaara Dance Hall / Vuokatin Matkailukeskus Oy

Naapurinvaara sotkamo vuokatti kesä nähtävyys

Magnificent nature of Naapurinvaara

From the top of Naapurinvaara you can enjoy the stunning panoramic view on the Vuokatti Hills and Sotkamo village both in summer and in winter. Naapurinvaara landscape is protected on a national level. On a clear day it is possible to see all the way to the neighboring provinces of North Karelia and Northern Savonia.

Explore Naapurinvaara

A three kilometer walking path Lepikon lenkki can be followed by the signs from Naapurinvaara School or Naapurivaara Holiday village. Other popular routes, such as Koulupolku and Vaaranlenkki start also at the school yard. Lepikon lenkki path will take you to the Naapurinlouhi hut. The hut is an excellent place for a break to enjoy some snacks and breathtaking scenery of the hills of Vuokatti. In winter the routes of Naapurinvaara can be used for snowshoe trekking.

A Piece of Finnish Culture

The Naapurinvaara Dance Pavilion, built in 1959, is one Finland’s best dance halls and is located on top of the Naapurinvaara hill. Dance evenings are organized from March till late November on Saturdays and there is always live band playing. The dance evenings are a piece of authentic Finnish culture with people from all ages enjoying the rhythm and waltzing away. The dance hall has a bar serving drinks and light snacks.

So put on your dancing shoes and immerse in the Finnish traditional dance culture at Naapurinvaara Dance Hall!


Naapurinvaara Hill

Naapurinvaarantie 20, 86610 Vuokatti