Magical moments with huskies

Magical moments with huskies

A captivating northern dog breed, the husky is known mostly for a work ethic that’s in a class of its own, and at times for its blue eyes. The husky kennel at Vuokatti Safaris is home to about 100 huskies, each with their own personality, and each as captivating as the next. In the summer, you can get to know the dogs on a guided tour, and different husky safaris are organised during both summer and winter. Meeting the energetic, yet gentle huskies of Vuokatti Safaris will surely be one of your holiday’s treasured memories. In the company of these furry friends, the air will be constantly filled with excited howling and happy tail wags.

Vuokatti fells illuminated by the Northern Lights

Vuokatti Safaris has different husky safaris all year round, from trips lasting a few hours to an all-day adventure, where you’ll be able to enjoy the dog sled ride through the forest and on the frozen lake. For example, the one-and-a-half-hour Nuppu & Nallo Trail is an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. Adults can drive their own sled, and even the brave children will be able to try steering the sled with an adult.

The memorable Northern Lights Adventure will take you on a husky sled deep into the darkness of night. The team will be driving with head lamps and enjoying snacks in a nomadic yurt filled with ambience, which is an experience unlike any other. With some luck, you will also be able to admire the fells when they’re illuminated by the Northern Lights.

In the summer, you can also enjoy the active company of huskies in nature by going on a hike together, called HuskyTrekking, into the middle of the quiet natural surroundings. Trekking with a dog is fun and keeps your step light, as the dog will help you forward. You can also experience the huskies in their winter element in the middle of summer in Vuokatti, with the opportunity for a Husky Ride in Snowy Ski Tunnel – step into the wintery world, jump on the sled and enjoy a cheerful dog sled ride!