Snow 365 days a year

Experience winter even in the summer or in bad weather any time of the year! The new and wonderful MAX Snow World in Vuokatti is a wintry wonderland for the whole family, with over 30 cool activities, including precision snowball-throwing and slopestyle slopes. With the opening of MAX Snow World, Vuokatti is the first skiing centre in Finland where it’s possible to ski 365 days a year.

– MAX Snow World is full of things to do. Among the attractions are the Hexagon snow castle, which is designed especially for children, and various facilities for slalom enthusiasts and snowboarders. Skiers can hone their downhill skills on the new slopestyle slope, which is suitable for all levels, beginners included, says Vuokatti Slopes’ park manager Priidik Vesi.

So there’s something for everyone here. Whether it’s freezing cold or blazing hot outdoors, in MAX Snow World it’s always a comfortable -3 °C degrees, without wind or rain.

Snow World has been created in collaboration with Schneestern, a specialist in snow construction. You won’t find indoor skiing centres like this anywhere else in Finland, or even in the other Nordic countries, for that matter:

– There were only 33 indoor skiing centres in all of Europe, and Vuokatti is the thirty-fourth. Such a rarity is definitely worth experiencing!

Snow World is open daily from 11 am to 7 pm. Welcome!

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