(Photo: Antti Harju)

Reach new heights in Adventure Park

Vuokatti’s Adventure Park is a diverse climbing complex that offers fun and challenges for all. The Adventure Park has 9 courses situated in a naturally beautiful environment that can be admired also from up high. Each course has exciting tasks including, for example, ziplines and swings. Children also have their own area with some easier courses, making the joy of climbing accessible for the whole family. You don’t need prior climbing experience – the Park’s personnel will help you get started and everybody is instructed on how to progress safely. Everyone can find their own adventure through the courses that they want. It is good to reserve 3-4 hours of time if you aim to climb through the whole park. All you need to bring along are sporty clothes and proper footwear.

The Park is easy to reach by car via the Vuokatti slopes and is located just a short walk from Vuokatti Sport. It is recommendable, especially for bigger groups, to make reservations ahead of time for the climbing adventure in order to make sure there is enough space available on the courses.

Get on board: Watersports Centre

It’s a summer day and you want the breeze from the water to cool you off? Bravely step onto a board at the Watersports Centre. Here you’ll find a wide range of watersport activities using a variety of equipment with the help of a tow cable that goes over the lake: the cable pulling from above makes it easier for you to get started. Our activities include waterskiing, wakeboarding and stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding. Wakeboarding is a sport ideally suited for different tricks – and there are 6 different obstacles floating on the water for you and the board to hop over. Wakeboarding is suitable for all who want to try!

If you’re looking for something more relaxing, try the more stable SUP board, which you can paddle either by standing or kneeling. Moving gently forward on the still water of a calm lake is a great way to unwind. You don’t need any prior experience to enjoy it – beginners classes for using the SUP board are organised non-stop.

You’ll find Watersports Centre situated in the centre of Vuokatti, at Ahvenuksenlampi. There you’ll find all that you need to enjoy the activities, from wetsuits to different waterskis and boards. You only need to bring along a towel and some swimwear.

(Photo: Antti Harju)