(photo: Kuhmon Kamarimusiikki 2018 / © Stefan Bremer

Kuhmo Chamber Music:
Music, nature and northern nights

Every July, the town of Kuhmo in Kainuu is taken over by talented chamber musicians coming from all over the world. For two weeks, the whole town is dedicated to chamber music and the 8000 resident district becomes vibrant with music, as thousands of chamber music fans arrive to enjoy the unique concerts, beautiful nature and white summer nights of the north.

(photos: Kuhmon Kamarimusiikki 2018 / © Stefan Bremer)

The first Kuhmo Chamber Music was organised in 1970, and, over the years, the festival has grown to be one of the world’s most significant chamber music festivals. The two-week festival will feature five concerts each day, in which around 150 Finnish and international musicians will perform the classics as well as less known pieces of chamber music.

In addition to the high-level musicianship, Kuhmo Chamber Music has become known for its atmosphere, the so called “Kuhmo spirit”. The setting for the concerts is created by Lammasjärvi lake, almost grazing the walls of the concert halls, and the incredible clear light of the north.

Chamber Music:
Chamber music is one of the genres of art music. It refers to music that has been composed for an ensemble smaller than the symphony orchestra. Chamber music always has at least two musicians. The exact upper limit for the number of musicians has not been defined.