Welcome to Vuokatti

Winter fun

Winter in Vuokatti is full of activities.

Magical moments with huskies

A captivating northern dog breed, the husky is known mostly for a work ethic that’s in a class of its own, and at times for its blue eyes. The husky kennel at Vuokatti Safaris is home to about 100 huskies, each with their own personality, and each as captivating as the next. In the summer, you can get to know the dogs on a guided tour, and different husky safaris are organised during both summer and winter. Meeting the energetic, yet gentle huskies of Vuokatti Safaris will surely be one of your holiday’s treasured memories. In the company of these furry friends, the air will be constantly filled with excited howling and happy tail wags.

Christmas and New Year magic

The end of the year is a time of festive feelings in Finland. Christmas is a peaceful occasion to spend quality time with the family.

Kuhmo Chamber Music

For two weeks in every July Kuhmo is dedicated to chamber music as thousands of chamber music fans arrive to enjoy the unique concerts, beautiful nature and white summer nights of the north.

Aateli Island, Private paradise

Imagine a place where you can take a leisurely dip in the lake from a small, sandy beach, admire the stars or the northern lights from the edge of a large rock and stay the night in your own, private luxury villa. In Vuokatti this is all possible.

Haapala BnB: Something old, something new

As soon as you enter the yard at Haapala BnB, the atmosphere of a real Finnish country house fills your senses. The farm has long tradition, having been inhabited since the 17th century.

Reach new heights in Adventure Park

Vuokatti’s Adventure Park is a diverse climbing complex that offers fun and challenges for all. The Adventure Park has 9 courses situated in a naturally beautiful environment that can be admired also from up high.

Experience Vuokatti’s nature while hiking

Vuokatti’s gorgeous outdoors offer memorable experiences in nature. As you head to the trekking area for the diverse hiking trails, you will be able to experience Kainuu’s nature in a unique way.