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Experience Vuokatti’s nature while hiking

Experience Vuokatti’s nature while hiking

 Vuokatti’s gorgeous outdoors offer memorable experiences in nature. As you head to the trekking area for the diverse hiking trails, you will be able to experience Kainuu’s nature in a unique way. There are also several national parks in the vicinity of Vuokatti, which are great for day trips into nature and the joyous experiences it offers.

Eino Leino (7km) and Sapporo (10km)are some of Vuokatti’s most beautiful trekking routes. They partially overlap at the top of Vuokatinvaara fell and their level is relatively demanding. But those who take on the challenge, will be rewarded by Vuokatinvaara fell’s gorgeous nature. The routes have rest points where you can relax and breathe in the peaceful nature. The signs on both routes are also readable in the winter, helping provide experiences for those on snowshoes.

The gorge and the rocky landscape of Hiidenportti National Park are an astonishing sight in the heart of the forest terrain. The gorges’ rock walls drop vertically by up to twenty meters, and its ledges offer spectacular views.

On the sandy beaches of the Tiilikkajärvi National Park,with esker ridges, fragrant bogs with cotton grass, and the humming of the forest, you can enjoy nature with all your senses. Tiilikanautio tenant farm, with its courtyard, takes you back to a 1920s atmosphere and the most popular beach in this area is the beautiful Venäjänhiekka. The routes are easy to navigate and the large marshlands are easy to traverse over wooden planks.

Hossa National Park’s clear-water ponds, narrow sand ridges, rugged rock walls and stone-age rock paintings offer a breathtaking scenery. Hossa is a versatile destination for a day trek, offering plenty of routes with well-maintained rest areas. There are also accessible routes in the area with services.