Experience summer in Vuokatti

Things to do and activities for all ages

Experience summer in Vuokatti

Vuokatti is a real summer holiday paradise. There are things to do and activities for all ages, even for the most demanding customers. Hike, cycle, go walking in nature, paddle, golf, go on an adventure, lay on a beach, take a refreshing swim in natural waters, jump into a canoe, go on guided tours.

In Vuokatti, nature is everywhere. Different destinations, activities and sights are all nearby. We put together some tips for the summer, and links that you can use to plan your own holiday.

Nature trails and national landscapes

Nature invites all travellers to enjoy breath-taking landscapes. Hike, walk and eat lunch in the middle of nature, enjoy the gentle, summery northern breeze. The trails on top of Vuokatinvaara, with their fire places, are an enjoyable destination for the whole family.

The skiing tracks starting from Vuokatti Sport are sawdust-covered jogging trails in the summer, suitable for Nordic walking and for more vigorous exercise.

In addition to the trails in Vuokatti, the national parks in the area are fantastic destinations for trips and hiking. On the beaches, ridges, cottongrass-scented swamps and in the humming forests you can take a break from routines and feel the forces of nature. The primal landscape with gorges in Hiidenportti is a powerful sight, and it is no wonder that the nature destinations of Kainuu are on the 100 reasons to travel in Finland list.

Admire the landscapes on a bike

In the variable terrains of Vuokatti you can cycle all year round. The different routes are good destinations for families and for more extreme adventures.

Admire the beautiful hill landscapes of Vuokatti on a bicycle. You do not need your own bike, you can rent one on the spot. For example, from Holiday Club Katinkulta you can rent a Jopo, or a fatbike (electric or non-electric), and Vuokatti Ski Service also services and rents bicycles.

Get refreshed on the lakes of Vuokatti

Go on a relaxing paddling trip on the nearby Jäätiönlampi and enjoy the peace of nature. Vuokatti Safaris offers guided paddling tours, on which you can learn paddling technique and get to enjoy paddling in calm waters. The tour is perfect for families, groups from companies and first timers! And when we take a break from paddling, there will of course be juice to drink and sausages to eat.

Our experienced and professional guides will also happily instruct beginners to the secrets of paddling, and take the more adventurous to the best river-rafting spots in the area.

For the more adventurous, Vuokatti Safaris also offers river-rafting tours. You can also take a ride on a Speedboat and enjoy the thrill of speed. Those who want can even try rowing a church boat. According to a group’s desire, these safaris can be speedy or relaxed, with the focus being on enjoying the landscapes of Vuokatti.

Go golfing into the summer night

Thanks to the light summer nights at Katinkulta Golf, there are opening times until the late hours. Jokamieskenttä Vuokatti is a 9-hole, fairly easy course where you do not need a green card to play. The renewed 9-fairway club course Tenetti has variable fairways, and the 18-fairway Nuas-kenttä meets the high standards of international championship games.

In the training area, there are five put and chip greens, a range and a training bunker. Golf reception, Pro Shop and Holiday Club Golf Academy are located in the club building, close to Harmony Spa.

Hiukka beach and sup-boarding

Hiukka beach is a good place for the whole family to go swimming. The beach by the lake Sapsojärvi is shallow, with a nice sand bottom. Spend a day on the beach swimming, laying in the sun or perhaps sup-boarding. In summer time, there is a café next to the beach.

In the beach area, there are beach volley courts, and further, in the shade of the ridges, a tennis court. Sawdust-covered jogging trails and a nature trail also begin from the beach.

In addition to being a fantastic beach, Hiukka is also a natural sight with its sandy ridges. Hiukka beach, many kilometers long, is located opposite to the Vuokatti hills. On the nearby ridge there is a culture and nature trail, a couple of kilometers long. Along this trail, the view opens right over the lake Sapsojärvi and towards Vuokatti.

Exercise and adventures to every taste

Whether you are an active exerciser, a passionate exerciser or a nature traveller, you will find what you want in Vuokatti. Vuokatti Sport will see to it that during your holiday you get to sweat as much as you want to.

The various indoors and outdoors activities in Vuokatti are there for you even in summer time. The Holiday Club Spa and Vuokatti SuperPark are open as well as all other sports from tennis to bowling and soccer golf keep you busy in the summer, regardless of the weather.

Welcome! See you in Vuokatti!