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Enter with the green key

We want to pay attention to the environment and the wellbeing of people in everything we do

vuokatin vaaramaisema kesällä

Enter with the green key

We want to pay attention to the environment and the wellbeing of people in everything we do. As a proof of this Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti has been granted the Green Key certificate. Green Key is an international environmental certificate that promotes sustainable tourism. Green Key is an acknowledgement given by the Finnish Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). All those who have been granted this certificate report to the Foundation about their green choices and steps towards a better world. The Foundation conducts regular audits, so there can be no question about the much debated “green Wash”.

Because Break is a part of a big group, it has the possibility to make big investments in the environment. In everyday actions this shows in paying attention to food loss and recycling everything that it is possible to recycle. We have been paying special attention to the consumption of water, which has been quite easy because the hotel is so new. One practical example is that we have harnessed our personnel to clean up the immediate surroundings of the hotel as a part of theme days – fun and useful association.

“An important part of our thinking is respect towards locally resourced food. A model example of this is Restaurant Kippo where the food is as locally resourced as it is possible. The chef guru at Kippo is extremely skilled at processing the locally resourced organic meats that end up on the plate. On the other hand, the waiters and waitresses with their families pick and gather delicacies that Kippo serves to its customers. In the summer the restaurant’s own herb garden guarantees a finishing touch to local flavours and flowers on the plate”, says Tiina Rimpiläinen, the manager of Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti.

Together we can achieve more

Environmentally certified hotels make it possible for travellers to make more sustainable choices and reduce their carbon footprint. The personnel gently try to guide the customers to pay attention to sustainable development. There is no longer bottled water in the rooms, the customers are encouraged to use clean, Finnish tap water..

Break has a lot of co-operating partners to whom we donate things that we have taken out of use. Pets get to enjoy recycled linen through animal protection associations. We have also donated beds; recycling center Entrinki in Kajaani as well as Hope – Together and Communally (registered association) frequently receive donations from us. 

Of course, in Vuokatti people spend a lot of time in nature. We recommend that you move by foot, by bicycle or by skis. “Of course we try to strain the environment as little as possible, so that we can encourage our customers to enjoy nature as a whole. On the other hand, it is very easy here because Vuokatti is synonymous to nature. Here we have these beautiful national parks and breath-taking landscapes with hills right outside the door”, says Rimpiläinen.

Thinking outside the box

This environmental thinking is not limited to just material things, because we also want to strongly emphasize local culture. We recommend enjoying it to everyone, because the supply is rich and wonderful in the immediate vicinity, in Sotkamo, Kajaani and Kuhmo. It is good to always look ahead. Our next step is to install solar panels on the hotel roof, and this way we will have our own solar power. We do not have a fixed schedule for this yet, but once the basics are in order, it is good to take a step deeper into a better world.