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Vuokatti Ski Service

Serves customers in all matters related to cycling and skiing year-round

Whet­her you are plan­ning a skiing trip or a cyc­ling trip alo­ne or with a friend or fa­mi­ly, you are welco­me to Vuo­kat­ti Ski Ser­vi­ce. With our help you'll create unforgettable experiences while skiing and cycling around the year.

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Vuokatti Ski Service is located at Vuokatti Arena and serves customers in a professional way in all matters related to cross-country skiing and cycling. Rent, buy or have your equipment maintained into top condition by professionals.

Whether you are planning a skiing trip, a cycling trip or something in between, alone or with a friend or family, you can turn to us.

Vuokatti Ski Service rents ski equipment and bikes all year round.

We also offer bike maintenance and spare parts. Skis maintenance service include e.g. ski grinding with patterns adapted to the weather, ski repair, spare parts and also thermobox treatment. Ask for more detailed information.

At Vuokatti Ski Service, we can can assure you good customer service. With the help of our professional staff, you will find the right equipment for you.


We are open Mon-Fri 9-17, Sat-Sun 9-15

Vuokatti Ski Service

Opistontie 1, 88610 Vuokatti

+358 50 542 7268

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