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Vuokatti Arena

Indoor ice rink, swimming pool, multipurpose hall and much more

Completed in 2020, Vuokatti Arena and its two ice rinks lift the training conditions of ice sports in Vuokatti to a new level. Vuokatti Arena is located right next to Vuokatti Sport accommodation, dining and training facilities.

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Vuokatti Arena – Indoor ice rinks
Vuokatti Arena’s two ice rinks make it possible to organize many kinds of camps and games successfully. Plenty of dressing rooms as well as drying and storing facilities make life at the Arena a lot easier.

Vuokatti Arena – Multipurpose hall
Vuokatti Arena’s big gymnastics hall is suitable for many kinds of events and for training different kinds of sports indoors.

Vuokatti Arena – Public swimming pool
Our versatile facilities meet the standards of the most demanding customers from families to Olympic level athletes.

Vuokatti Arena – Padel
Our two high quality indoor courts are suitable for all players, from beginners to professionals. Sufficient height and space on both sides of the courts guarantee outstanding playin conditions. It is also possible to organize tournaments.

Vuokatti Arena – Gym
Vuokatti Arena’s gym is an easy to go to gym, where everyone can have a safe work out.

Vuokatti Arena – Group exercise
Vuokatti Arena has the widest selection of group exercise in Vuokatti. Whether you want to take it easy or push yourself to the limit, you will find your favourite from our selection of group exercises.

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