Indoor Shooting Simulator

Vuokatti Bowling has one of the world’s most versatile 3D -simulation systems for shooting sports, hunting and for fun!

The simulator shooting is suitable for everyone; you can practice with your own weapon or you can just have fun! There are two rifle and pistol replicas, as well as adapters for your weapon.

The simulator has two separate programs. In the woods you can chase different game like wild boars, elk, birds etc.  After shooting, you will get a quick analysis of your hits, so you can fix your technique if needed. Your hit will also be scored, so some competition with a friend will challenge you to hunt better.
Another program takes shooters to the Wild West. You can challenge your friend in fast-paced shooting on the street or at the saloon.

You don’t have to have previous experience of shooting or hunting. Children are also welcome.

Come and try this fun, but challenging simulator shooting!

Shooting simulator is located at Vuokatti Bowling and must be pre-booked. Check the current opening hours on the website.

The recommended group size is 1-8 persons

Requires advanced booking!


40€ / hour / 1 person
80€ / hour / 2-8 persons