Veikko Huovinen

Travellers coming to Sotkamo by car are greeted by the statue designed by Nina Terno and dedicated to one of the most famos Finnish novelists, professor Veikko Huovinen (1927–2009). Since 2014, the exposition presenting the writer’s working cabinet has been available for public in Sotkamo Niemelä.

In 2002 Huovisnäreikkö, the forest named after Veikko Huovinen, was founded in the area. Situated in Hallavaara along Pitämäntie road, it has been registered officially under this name, and it is shown on the maps.

When walking in the forest along a 700 meter-long trail, which goes amidst spruces, you can see the tablets with the author’s inscriptions of some phrases from his works.