Steamship Kouta – Steamship Cruises to Lake Oulujärvi

Let our wonderful centenarian, steamship Kouta, show you the Arctic Lakeland as you’ve never seen it before.  Peacefully chugging along, the S/S Kouta transports lake-faring passengers to otherwise undiscovered places and landscapes. This is the best way to witness the true beauty and attraction of Lake Oulujärvi, sliding peacefully through its waves.

Steamship Kouta is the northest steamship in Finland and whole Europe. Ship and it’s original steam engine were built in 1920 and the ship has been steaming since.

Steamship Kouta is located only within 30 minutes drive from Vuokatti in Kalkkisilta Pier in Kajaani, Finland.

You can hop onboard steamship Kouta in July on scenic cruises to lake Oulujärvi, mysterious Ärjä island or historical Paltaniemi village.

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