A super-fun laser tag game Megazone!

Super thrilling and sporty laser tag game is suitable for children and adults, which makes it a perfect activity for families. The idea of the game is to fight against other players with harmless laser guns. Player has to collect points by tagging enemy’s game vest and also destroying enemies’ game bases. Players won’t drop off during the game but if a player gets tagged the vest will shut off for a few seconds and then turn on again. When it turns on again the player can continue the game normally. A computer will count players’ points and total tags and in the end it will tell who was the winning team/player.

The game field in Vuokatti’s Megazone  is in two floors! The total game area is approx 440 sq.m  and there is room for 33 players to play at the same time. The field is decorated with glowing paintings and there is an immersive background music during the whole game. All these combined to the fast-paced laser-tag fight will make the game a futuristic and exciting experience!